Friday, May 16, 2008

Rough Day

I thought about it yesterday. Should I get my last dental procedure done when I am already under the weather, but decided to do it to get it over with.

First let me say I had to have twice the shots I had last time.

This morning the pain hit. I wasn't good for anything. This afternoon I got both boys to nap at the same time. That helped so much. But when I woke up I realized my tong is still numb. I called the dentist and was told not to worry and if it continues through Monday to call again.

Tonight we ate at Roadhouse. I got shrimp instead of a steak. It was good but it didn't feel right eating seafood at a steakhouse.

Tonight Kaden, Karson, and I are all sick with a cold. Karson is having trouble staying asleep tonight. Tim finally had the great idea of letting him sleep upright so his cold wouldn't bother him so much. It is working.

Tim leaves tomorrow for Dallas to attend a worship workshop and is bring back a RV for our road trip. I am so excited this is our first RV trip.

Big weekend coming up. Saturday I have a Birthday party and a Wedding to go to and it is our 6 year Anniversary.

Sunday after Church we leave for Beavers Bend Oklahoma.

Monday is Tim's Birthday

Fun Fun Fun
We need to get away and I am happy to get away from the TV and Internet and spending some quality time with the Family.

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