Monday, May 12, 2008


I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I am also tired and weak. Karson didn't have a good night he woke up every few hours and didn't want to eat just creid and has also cried all morning. Karson doesn't really do this, he is not himself. Yea sounds like a ear infection, but hoping for teething. Kaden has been a trooper, very helpful. So this afternoon we have an appoinment with the doctor. I just looked at my calender and this is the third week we have made a trip to the doctor.

I did have a good Mother's Day. After church we went to Johnny Cace's. I wanted something different. They have the best crab cakes. When we got home Kaden, Karson and I took a good long nap.

Kaden was so cute. Yesterday about every 10 minutes he would look at me and in a very sweet voice say "Happy Mothers Day". This was the first year he has done that without coaching.

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