Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I had such a great time even though I have been fighting a cold. It is very refreshing to get away from all technology.... Tim planned a wonderful trip for us and I have found I really love to camp.

Beavers Bend is such a beautiful place.. It is hard to believe that only two hours away there are mountains.
Sunday we set up camp and got some dinner at the camp cafe. Kaden spent most of that time feeding the squirrels.
We got back and made a fire but the boys were tired and the Raccoons started coming out. I mean right up to you and looking for food so I stayed in and put the boys to bed.

Monday: Tim's Birthday. We had to go to town to get food and stoped for lunch and got some good Mexican food. Monday afternoon we went to ride the train but we found out it only runs on the weekends. So I took a nap with Karson in the air conditioning and Tim took Kaden to the park to play. Tim wanted a steak for his Birthday so we went to the local steakhouse.

Yesterday we had so much fun. Kaden spent most of the morning throwing rocks in the water. Before lunch we went to the stream and nature center. I actually watched a snake shed its skin in a cage of course. After lunch Tim went and gathered fire wood and I took the boys to the park.

Before dinner we went on a nature walk. For dinner we went to the cafe again and fed the squirrels there had to be over a hundred just grabbing the food. After dinner Tim made a great campfire and we made smores. Kaden took one bite and threw his in the fire. Last night Tim set up a perimeter of lights around the camp so the raccoons would not bother me and we have found the raccoons really do not like light and stayed away. We only saw a few and they didn't come very close.

This morning I was very sad to pack up, but its good to be home.

Doing laundry and getting ready to pack for our quick weekend trip.

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