Friday, May 2, 2008

I did it...

Our morning started off with a Tornado Warning, we took cover in our bathroom. The sirens stoped so we watched the weather on TV and were told a few minutes later to take cover again.
Oh how I love Texas.
Kaden said " I am glad the tomato is gone"
This afternoon I did it. Kaden has a Mohawk.
Let me just go back a few months

Kaden's last hair cut when the stylist was using a razor on the back of his neck cut him and asked why he was crying so much. So since then he has not wanted his hair cut. So I decided to take him to Salon Pink where I go. I also knew Sheri would do a good job.

Right after she started cutting his hair he started crying which led to throwing up on me. So when I left I was covered in hair and throw up. But I think the end results was worth it and after a few times there he should be fine.

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