Monday, April 28, 2008

Did somebody punch me in the mouth?

Since yesterday afternoon I have felt like someone punched me in the mouth. The first few days after the procedure I didn't really feel any pain at all. The vicoden is helping a little but I only have 3 left.

Today is my Birthday. Ya me.


Julz said...


I hope you had a good birthday despite the pain! I was going to call and/or text, but time got away from me last night.

Thank you for being a good hostess this past weekend. We enjoyed our visit with you guys (too short) and I was very happy that we went to Kmart!!! I got compliments on my $8.00 pink blouse.

Hope to see you guys soon!!

Love ya!!


Thank you I hope you had a good time on your mini vacation in all the bussiness. That shirt was very cute. I love me some Kmart.