Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's a process

From Friday February 29, 2008
Number 14. Get Karson to sleep in his own bed.
He does not like his bed one bit. This does not mean he is not a great sleeper, he takes two good naps a day and has been sleeping through the night for over a month now. Just not in his bed. So when he was ready for his morning nap I rocked him to sleep and layed him in his bed. His eyes popped open wide and then the lip came out and he started crying. So I had a plan. It doesn't take him long to go back to sleep. I will just keep rocking him to sleep and lay him down and he will eventually be so tired he will take a nap in the bed. Let me just say I didn't get to check this one off the list today.

New post:
I decided a few weeks ago that this week with Tim out of town I would start trying to get Karson to sleep in his bed. He loves to sleep in his carrier. He will sleep all night in his carrier.

Yesterday I waited till he was tired and then took him to his bed, turned on the aquarium, and layed him down. He just made a few fussy noises and went to sleep. Now he only slept for 30 min. but I do believe you have to start somewhere.

So this morning around 10am which is the time I want his morning nap to be I did the same thing. He fussed but didn't cry for a little bit and after 5 min. I went in and checked on him and talked to him. He just played and again went to sleep.

I think this will be a process for Karson. Once I get him used to taking his morning nap in his bed I will add his afternoon nap and once we have that down I will add night time.

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