Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Doctor's Office and Tomorrow

This morning we had Karsee's four month check up. That's when I got the news that the little rash I have been treating with desitin is a yeast infection. The Doctor said this is very common and was caused by the medicine Karson took for his ear infection. Karson also had his vaccinations. Three shots and a roto virus vaccine by mouth. Owe what fun.

Karson did well with the shots. Once he ate he calmed down and we left. He slept all afternoon. About 5:30pm I woke him up to eat before we left to meet Tim for dinner and Church. He felt very hot and was really fussy.

When I took his temperature it was 102.

After a few hours of worrying and getting the fever down I called the doctor. I was told this happens to babies sometimes and what to watch for.

When I was on the phone I realized I may have over done it this week. Because tomorrow I am going in for a dental procedure in the morning.

I am getting everything ready tonight for tomorrow morning but I am feeling bad about leaving Karsee tomorrow when he feels so bad.

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