Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Somethings got to give...

I got a few things done around the house today between the picnic and our sick little Karsee ...

Well around 5pm it all went down hill. Karsee was tired and I couldn't get him to sleep or eat.. So I left a hot dinner on the stove and in the car we went. Karsee was asleep by the end of the road and slept till about 8:30pm..

At 10:30pm Karsee was ready for bed and once again I couldn't get him to sleep. Tried all the tricks.

We just got back from our second drive of the day. Kaden has been in bed for 2 1/2 hours and is still not asleep.

My Nanny always says when your kids are sick its ok to let the house go a little..

Somethings got to give and tonight its the housework. It will be there tomorrow.

Goodnight my pillow is calling me.

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