Friday, April 25, 2008


When I had Karson I just planned on doing the same things as I did for Kaden. Kaden was a very good eater. From the start I nursed him and also supplimented bottles. Kaden was fine with both and at 6 months I stoped nursing all together. When Karson was born I had all the bottles sterilized and ready, but Karson came out a natural nurser.

I am not against bottle feeding at all. Karson had trouble from the start. He couldn't keep formula down and at two weeks would not take a bottle at all. I have been trying about once a week to feed him a bottle but decided to be a full-time nursing Mom. It has been very easy for me. Karsee is laid back and now has a predictable schedule. If I am going anywhere I just nurse him before we leave and he goes about 4 hours between feedings.

Yesterday after my dental procedure I just didn't feel right about feeding Karsee till I talked to his doctor about the three medicines I am taking. I am glad I went with that feeling because after speeking with his doctor I found out 2 out of the 3 medicines were not safe. I cannot nurse for 5 days.

So here is the plan. Try feeding Karson an ounce every hour in a bottle and pump every 3-4 hours.

For about 6 hours yesterday I tried every bottle we own. He would cry a little and then give up and go to sleep. At around 7pm it had been 11 hours since he last ate and Tim came in and just tried with me out of sight and he started eating and gulped down about 4oz. I finally felt that everything would be ok and my baby will not starve for 5 days.

Then 10pm rolled around and he was tired and hungry and did not understand why all this was going on. He cried and cried till he gave up and went to sleep. He ate a little last night but didn't rest well. Also the getting up and makeing a bottle is not something I am used to doing.

So this morning he is finally resting and we are close to getting this bottle feeding thing down.

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