Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Fair

It had been two years since we had been to the fair. I was really excited this year because Kaden is old enough to enjoy everything.

My favorite parts of the day.

1. Our Fletcher corny dog lunch. Kaden ate one all by himself. I was proud.

2. The car show.
I think Kaden tried out 50 or more cars.

3. The midway. Kaden played a few games. (Thank you Julie for letting us know about the games for the kids.)

4. Hands on the farm. --- This was Kaden's favorite part of the fair.

5. The free ice cream.

6. Big Tex
All Kaden talked about was seeing Big Tex and when we got there he took a quick look and was ready to go. I think he was not expecting him to be that big.

7. The Children's Hospital Petting Zoo

Kaden enjoyed spending some time with Papa at the fair too.

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