Friday, October 3, 2008


This morning we are leaving for our vacation. Tim did a very good job on his blog showing where we are going. Check it out. Thank you Jason and Meredith for helping make this happen for us.

I spent all day getting things tied up at home and in the nursery and also packing and getting everything done at the house as well. Lets just say I did not get to bed until late late late.

I did not tell Kaden till today about our trip because he loves to travel and I knew he would be ready to pack up and go right then. Last night he got his suitcase out and packed it and rolled it in to me to show me his accomplishment.

His packing job including:

- Toothbrush and Paste
- Ear Plugs - I was surprised he remembered these. I know he doesn't like to wear them but he is so good about it.
- Underwear
- 1 outfit -- including dirty socks and hat
- shoes
- DVDs
- Books
- Flashlight
- Remote
- cars and action figures
and Coco.
I think he did great job.


Holly Young said...

Enjoy your trip! I hope you guys have a great time!!

Grannie said...

get some rest amy..soak in the fall colors! Take some glorious pictures and please post


Take the boys on lost of nature walks and soak in God's blessings