Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday - Preschool Book Review

I enjoyed reviewing the books last week. I have decided to continue it. This weeks book is one I read as a child.

This is one I read to Kaden often per his request. This is a great book when expecting a new baby in your home and helps the older sibling or soon to be older sibling understand the growing up process. It shows how each child grows out of their baby things. My favorite line of the book is "you'll never, never be too big to hug". It's an old book with old illustrations but has a great way of explaining the growing up process. The absolute best part of the book is that the little girls name is Amy.

A few more I really liked and helped Kaden understand and grasp the concept of becoming a big brother are:

It also can be purchased for a Big Sister too.

All of the books can be purchased from

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Holly Young said...

The last book "The New Baby" we read with Tori before the baby came. It is so cute because now she reads books to Preston. I will have to check out your other books. They all look good.