Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Monday

This morning I went to get my hair done. It was much needed. I went dark with my hair and lost some inches. I just do not know what I think about it yet .

After I picked Kaden up from school I took the boys with me to try to find Karson a costume for the Lighthouse Adventure night. I keep thinking do I need to go through all this trouble he is so little and will not remember but I thought that with Kaden too his first year and I regret not doing anything. Also we will be going to 2 things this year one for Kadens school and the Lighthouse Adventure for our Church. Today I have two more stores and I am hoping to find the costume I have been looking for. This is really the only year I get to choose. Next year he will be telling me what he wants.

Last night we went to Chickfila for family night. By the way every Tuesday is family night at chickfila and kids eat free. This is Tim's hat from Happy the clown. Thanks Chris. It is still providing entertainment this morning for Kaden.


Lori said...


I like your new hair color. It looks good! My boys got costumes, too. Luke is going to be a Motorcross Driver and Caleb is going to be Obi Wan Kenobi.

Julz said...

I like the color as well. Holly, our worship leader, just colored her hair darker (maybe a trend is starting) and it gave her a whole new look.

Not sure what the girls will be. We will be going to the church for a party and Kay will most likely be a princess of some sort. Cam says she doesn't want to dress up.

Grannie said...

Hair looks good..always does :). Love the HAT! Karson seems to like it too! See you guys later today. Glen is going to try to meet you at the Fair-I think he really want a corn do!

Holly Young said...

Amy- I love your hair! I think it looks great!!I have always been blonde and have always wished I had darker hair, but am always to scared to try it, but on you it looks great! What did Tim think? Tori is going to be Hannah Montana, and Preston will be a pumpkin(he's so round, he already looks like a pumpkin) Someone at church let me borrow the costume, its from Children's Place.