Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bubby (Kaden) is a wonderful, gentle hearted, ball of excitement and energy. Listening to him play and talk about things makes me wish this was contagious or they bottled and sold it at Starbucks. His passion owe his passion for things. He is a good big brother too.

Since Kadens birth I have changed so much. Before he was born I imagined and dreamed of what life would be like as a mother. Well it was nothing like that but Kaden showed me a better way. I have learned and I still am learning to let him be a kid, do things that boys do, and dream. I lack patients some times and we but heads but at the end of the day he is still my Bubby. He is a dreamer. Some days he wants to be a Chick-fil-a employee and others he wants to be a Jonas Brother. I know this will change many times in his life.

Today he wants to be Batman....

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Grannie said...

BATMAN!!! Wow Kaden can you come save Grannie from all the bad guys chasing her??? Kaden Batman to Grannie's rescue!!

Hope to see you soon