Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Left or Right Handed?

For a while now this has been a mystery with Kaden.

Today when I picked Kaden up his teacher told me he has been having some trouble holding his scissors and pencil and to work with him a little more at home.

I have no problem with his teacher talking to me about it and actually love the feedback of how he is doing. I did mention that on many occasion at home if we switch things to his left hand or side he does some things better and has showed some signs of being a lefty. His teacher did go on to say that when she was working with him he did say it didn't feel right could he switch hands.

This has worked with golf, playing his guitar which he did not hold correctly till we switched sides. In the car he could not buckle his seat belt until we moved his seat to click on the left.

My fear is this. Am I encouraging one side over the other? Is he really a lefty? If anyone has any training on how to spot this or has had a child that is a lefty I would love some advice.

This afternoon I would tell him to empty his hands and put them to his side. I then would hand him something and see which hand he would grab it with. I still do not have a clear diagnosis because he grabbed with both.

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