Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The past two nights I have walked 1 mile with the boys after dinner. I love it and it is so relaxing to walk around and the boys love it too. By the time I get home Karson is laying back relaxed and ready for bed. Tonight I walked a little faster than last night and I could tell I got a workout. I have also met some new neighbors there are 2 other Moms that walk too.

1 Mile

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Grannie said...

Amy how neat...the boys will appreciate a new found love for being outside and think of the 'free' excerise..no gym, no pushups, etc. I always loved walking..some of fondest memories (Tim was in K I think) was after supper we'd get bikes and go ride them at the school behind us.....ALSO!!! great books you have selected..I just read chicka to my Kindergardeners in Library. Some knew it and I was amazed how many had never heard of it!! And I'm suppose to be at one of the best schools around.... You have chosen not only good books BUT what really matters..to pour and mold these 2 men into warriers and giants for the Kindgom of God.

Love ya!!