Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scholastic's Book Review - Based On Kaden

I let Kaden pick a few books to order from Scholastics for his school and they came in yesterday. We read them during his reading time last night. Here are the three out of the four I liked.

This is a great book. Kaden wanted this one because they read it at school and he has also seen the movie the book is based on. It is great for the preschool age group. This story is about the alphabet and it rhythms.

I ordered this book based on the information and persuaded Kaden to want it. It's a story about a little Lama that has had enough on a shopping trip and looses his patients and has a tantrum. Mama Lama is very patient and calms everything down. I think parents and kids can get something from this book. Kaden really liked how it talked about whining and tantrums and then showed the Lama calming down and helping. Kaden said "Now that Lama's manners are showing". Which is a theme in his class.

Kaden was very excited about this book. The monster shows up piece by piece and then goes away. This book contains die cuts of the monster as it appears and then the child has the control to tell it to go away and not come back. It has great descriptions and was very captivating for Kaden.

I recommend any of these books if you have preschool age children.


Lori said...

Hey Amy,

The Llama book looks really cute. We will have to look for it. Did you not like the 4th book Kaden picked out?

AmyGabbard said...

It was Corduroy the Bear and didn't follow the series well. I think I am just being too critical. Kaden liked it.