Saturday, February 28, 2009


Kaden had his first game this morning. The league does not keep score but I learned a quick lesson the parents, family, and coaches do. We did not win but I will say I am very very proud of my boy who went out there in the cold weather shaking and played.

I missed most of the game because Karson was so cold. He cried and cried. I finally just took him to the car.

Right after the game we went to a party at ChuckECheese.

Things have changed over the past year I would have never thought that Kaden would be this close to Chuck E Cheese.

This picture made me laugh because if you look up to the screen you will see Kaden. He was showing off his dance moves.

Karson spent most of his time on this ride. I lost count after 5.

When it was time to go Karson walked back to the ride and tried to climb in.

When we got home Karson took a 4 hour nap.

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