Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

To celebrate Valentines day I am going to write about the things I love about the guys in my life.

Things I love about Tim:

I love the way he has a passion for the ministry.

I love the way he makes special occasions special.

I love the way he is always brainstorming.

I love the way he plans events and outreaches and the level of excellence he plans them with.

I love the way he comes home from a long day and wrestles and plays with his boys.

I love his fun and exciting since of humor.

Things I love about Kaden:

I love the way he gives me hugs when he wakes up in the morning.

I love the way he says "fricka fricka fresh" as if he is a DJ and then crosses his arms.

I love the way he calls his thumb a "fung" and "Chick-de-fa" for Chick-fil-a.

I love the way he changes his cloths all day to find the right cool guy outfit to wear.

I love the way he still has his baby aquirium and still listens to it as he goes to sleep.

I love the way he carries around his blanket, pillow, and Coco when he is tired or not feeling well.

Things I love about Karson:

I love the way he lays his head on my shoulder and pats me on the back when he wakes up.

I love the way he laughs when he wants you to chase him.

I love the way he puckers his lips when he drinks from a straw.

I love the way he sits in his bed and looks through a book after I put him to bed.

I love the way he holds his blankie when he is sleeping.

I love the way he walks to me and reaches for me to pick him up.

I did steal this from one of my favorite blogs The Preachers Wife but she encouraged others to do it.

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Grannie said...

What Grannie and PaPa Love about AMY:
1. She is so patient with all 3 of her 'boys'
2. She is supportive and 'stands by her men'
3. She is a great mother...enriching all her men's lives with her values
4. She includes us in her men's lives and makes time for us when she has a bevy full of her own family to visit...
5. She post some awesome pictures that keeps us up to date on her 'men'

I could go on...Amy we love you and appreciate you...Your men are blessed to have you in their lives...I think they know it....especially your 'big boy'!