Saturday, February 7, 2009

Soccor Update

I just got a call from Kaden's soccer coach. He is on the Bobcats and practice starts next week. I will have the camera ready for his first game. The problem is we have 3 sports stores in town and have had some trouble finding his shoes. So now we are in a mad dash to get some so he can wear them in before his first practice. Also I had checked a little box to be a team parent when I signed Kaden up. I had no idea what it meant. Today I was informed that I am the Bobcats team manager. This is really comical if you know anything about me. I do not know the first thing about soccer rules my plan was to show up and cheer for my boy and to maybe understand it as the season progressed. I have to wear a team shirt and an official badge to the games. To be honest from the description the coach gave me of the job I am just a glorified water boy and just organize the snacks and drinks and plan a end of season party somewhere. It should be interesting and fun.

Kaden is excited that he got to pick his number Kaden is #1.

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