Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday - The rest of the day.

Sickness Update: Kaden did not get sick at all today I have continued the medicine the doctor prescribed to Kaden and limited his diet. He only complained of stomach pains. He was even up to helping his Daddy in the yard.

I was going to blog about this yesterday but I did not get a chance.

Kaden always asks when we take him to the doctor if he will be getting shots. He was so relieved when we left the doctors office that he did not get any shots. Well when I picked up his medicine from the pharmacy it looked like this.

It is just a cream you can put on the inner arm and stomach for nausea but it took alot of convincing before Kaden would let me go near him with it.

After the call this afternoon I went back to Academy to take one more look at there soccer selection. Thankfully I went into the department another way and found a huge stash of soccer gear. I found the size and color he wanted and at the price we wanted. I know it looks like Kaden is sponsored by Nike but Kaden really wanted red equipment.

Karson turned 14 months old yesterday. I think I can officially say he is walking. A few days ago he decided to walk instead of crawl most places and has been crawling less and less each day. I have to watch my little dude closer now days because he has found a new love for climbing too.
Here is our little dude walking.

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