Monday, February 2, 2009

We are home.

It was nice to see everyone on our trip.

The boys and I had so much fun but it is nice to be home. It is true there is no place like home. Thursday when we arrived I had a surprise visit from my youngest brother Nathan and my Dad. The boys love to wrestle and rough house with their Pampa.

On Friday the boys and I spent some time at my Pawpaw and Nannies house and my cousin Christy took Kaden to the park. For dinner the boys and I met Papa and Grannie at Cracker Barrel. Thank you so much for meeting us Papa and Grannie. We enjoyed spending time with you.

Saturday we went to Caleb's Spiderman birthday party. Kaden had so much fun.

On Sunday the boys and I spent the day shopping with my Mom and Sister-in-law.

Kaden met his new friend on Sunday too.

Meet Roonie

Roonie was given to us. He is 6 weeks old and was in a litter of 3. My Moms friend had to get rid of him and his brother and sister and knew through the blog that he is the type of dog and color Kaden wanted. Roonie is doing great with potty training. He stays pretty close to Kaden and sleeps alot.


Julz said...

Oh my goodness!! That little Roonie is too cute. He looks adorable and it looks like Kaden is smitten with him. I hope he is a good little doggie and is a best buddy for your little guys. Camryn asks for a dog all the time, but Kaylin does not want one. Maybe someday we will get a dog again, but we always seem to get the loser dogs!!

Keep us updated with pictures as he grows.

Thanks for your prayers for Kaylin!!

Lori said...

I can't believe Kaden got a puppy! He is too cute!