Friday, February 20, 2009


Everything was going well around 8pm when I put the boys to bed. I thought right on track now time to finish some house work and watch my girlie movie. Well about mid way through the movie I hear a startling cry. Not the kind that says hey I'm up, no the kind that says it might be a long night.

I went in to find Karsee burning up with a fever. After a long night of crying and comforting and also putting my four year old back to bed at 3am because his little bro woke him up Karsee finally went back to sleep at 6:30am.

I had to ask myself is this when you take your child to the emergency room. My little guy cried most of the night. I have only asked this to myself one other time when Kaden was running a 103 fever and lethargic at 6 months.

I set my alarm to call the doctor as soon as his office opened and went to sleep. After about an hour of sleep I woke up and called the doctor.

Funny story one of the day.

I am on the phone with the doctors office and I hear can you hold please. Well due to being sleepy I fell asleep while waiting on hold. I woke up to the dial tone when the office hung up on me because there was no answer when they came back. I just hope I was not snoring. I don't think I do.

I called right back and was told my doctor was taking a half day and if I could come right in the doctor could see us. So I wake Kaden up and tell him we have got to get Karson to the doctor right away that he could pick out what he wanted to wear and we would go by the Doughnut place when we were done. He was excited and agreed. He was changed and ready in minutes. I then threw something on and woke my sick baby up changed him and we got in the car.

When we got to the office we went right in and were seen in no time. The diagnosis.....................

EAR INFECTION..... Well the exact word was really bad double ear infection caused by molars coming in. Which means..... ALOT OF PAIN.

The doctor said this is his fourth ear infection on record and second this month and then followed it with dreaded words "about the same as Kaden". I do not want to hear this because Kaden had so many ear infections by age 3 we had lost count ended up having a vey rushed I would call emergency surgery after having one for almost 3 months straight we fought with countless rounds of antibiotics.

The doctor did not say tubes or anything like that just prescribed him a stronger form of antibiotics and Tylenol with codeine (the doctor has never prescribed anything to the boys for pain during there ear infections so it must be bad). Karsee is handling the pain better tonight. He took a long nap this afternoon and was ready for bed around 7:30pm.
Dear Dr. ________ ,
Thank you so much for fitting us in when you were not planning on seeing any patients today. I am thankful for all the wonderful care you have given my boys almost weekly lately. I hope you had a wonderful day off you deserve it in this busy sick season. Thank you again.

One more funny story.
I am at the store with the boys picking up perscribtions and I guess I finally woke up and noticed what Kaden was wearing. I guess I did not notice before because he had his jacket on.

Even when I am tired my boys make me laugh. They are worth every minute of the sleepless nights. I LOVE THEM.

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