Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Procrastinated.

Our church is making a scrapbook for pastor and the due date was last Sunday. I talked to Andrew and asked for an extension. Thankfully he gave me one. I finished mine last night. So bad I know. While I was working on it I realized I waited so long because for the longest time I have not wanted to think about saying goodbye to the Carter family that has been a big part of my families life for almost 5 years. So while I worked on it after the kids went to bed with a box of tissue I faced some of the emotions of goodbye and change. Like I said "some" I know there will be more to come as I sit in service tomorrow and the weeks to come. Please pray for our church as we start this transition.



Katherine Elam said...

I know it's hard to say goodbye to Pastor Carter. I will pray for you guys. I love you guys.


Tim Gabbard said...

Great job with the blog and great job on the book. Pastor told me today that he really liked our page.
Love you!

Grannie said...

I know this has been a difficult week....Tim out of town,,poor little Karsee sick....again....and Pastor's Carter leaving. God bless you and pour His grace over wonderful soothing rain!

Kiddos all 8 need to see these new lambs....they are adorable!