Thursday, February 19, 2009


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My high was starting to feel better after a two week long sickness. I finally went to the doctor on Monday and got some antibiotics. By Wednesday I was feeling much better.

Our LOW:

After almost 3 weeks with Roonie we had to give him away. Many things I would say would probably be excuses and explaining myself but I will give a few anyway.

Reasons he had to go:

- His number one chew toy...... MY BOYS

- After I took him to get his shots last week he became aggressive with us.

- Allergies.

I will admit I was not the best owner and could have tried a little harder but I just did not have it in me. I did talk to Kaden about it and the weird thing is he was excited to do it. I will admit he is getting a replacement A NEW DOG. We have decided to invest (a small investment thanks to Ebay) purchase a hypoallergenic, maintenance free, non chewing dog.


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Grannie said...

So sorry Roonie didn't work out!! We had a dog or two like that when our kiddos were small...If you get a good dog like Tim's AJ or Joe's great...but if you get a bad one.....short tory we got a Cocker Spaniel from the pound (flag 1) sweet in the pound but turned into devil dog ....chewed shoes, vacuum cords, tore, carpet up, refused to be house broken, barked like a mad dog when he was in the backyard, jumped our fence almost daily to chase our poor mailman, garbage truck, UPS...mailman finally began macing (spell?) him almost daily and finally refused to bring our mail!!! Anyway...bye bye doggie and no regrets!