Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Update

I am feeling closer to 100% today. Kaden had his first Soccer practice scheduled for tonight but it was canceled due to rain.

I did find myself in a 12x12 room with a Pit Bull when I took Roonie to get his shots today. I am extremely scared of big dogs especially Pit Bulls. Poor little Roonie could have been his snack and Roonie was drawing attention to us with his shaky squeaky noises. I do not think I took a full breath till that was done.

The canceled practice did not stop us from putting Kaden's gear on so he could get used to it. Tim worked with him before the bad weather started.

This was before Tim got home and I put all his new stuff on. He was complaining about it being uncomfortable and I told him that because it was new he just had to wear it in. Then Tim came home and I found out I put the whole shin gaurd sock stuff on wrong. When Tim fixed it he loved his soccer gear.

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