Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Our Nursery Team started a new curriculum last Sunday. It includes so much sensory and hands on stuff for the kids. Stuff I love.

Monday evening I noticed the shot area where Kaden got his shots 3 weeks ago did not look right. It was really red and looked bad. I looked at the paperwork his doctor gave me and it said that if a rash occurs call the doctor right away. He has also not been himself the past few days. So as soon as I read that after he went to bed the Mommy in me started worrying. The spot has been red for weeks since the shots but not a like it was last night. I just beat myself up thinking I must have not been paying attention what if he has been in pain. Is he having some bad reaction to the shots that are suppose to keep him healthy. So this morning as soon as I could I called the doctor and left a message. The doctor wanted to see Karson this afternoon. I picked up Kaden from school and we went in to the doctor. The doctor looked him over he also wanted to check his ears since they were so infected last time and then looked at his throat, teeth, and the area on his leg. He said I got three things. 1. His ears look great. 2.He is working on two molars at once. 3. He has __________ _________ (I don't remember the medical terms) dermatitis which means he is allergic to band aids. I felt so stupid until he said it was good you came in because he does need a cream to clear it up. I think I laughed at loud when he said allergic to band aids because I was so relieved he was not having a reaction to the shots.

Right after that was all done and we left we had about 30 minutes till soccer practice. Kaden did much better tonight. They scrimmaged the same team from Saturday.

We also found out tonight Kaden will be having his soccer pictures on Saturday with his team and individually.

That's it tonight. I have been having some back and leg pain so I am going to medicate myself and go to bed.

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