Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Find Friday - Pancake Face

During spring break my Mom and Brother came for a visit. For some reason I did not get my camera out until our goodbye breakfast to take one picture. The visit went by fast and we stayed busy for the one full day they were here. On Wednesday morning my Mom took us to Ihop for breakfast and then headed back to BigD well Mesquite but BigD sounds better.

Ihop has one of the best kids menu's I have seen. There are 2 different menus healthy and non-healthy. Kaden ordered a Pancake face. It comes with strawberry eyes, bannana nose and mouth, and a gogurt which is yogurt for your child to decorate it even more. When it came out it was the biggest pancake I have ever seen. Kaden was nice and shared with his little bro. It feeds 2 kids easily and is priced great to feed 2 kids.

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