Friday, March 6, 2009


Kaden's friendCarmen came over this morning. I was really tired because I had the bright idea to go ahead and let Karsee go to bed at dinner time when I got home from the store last night. It backfired BIG TIME. At about 1:30am I heard crying and went to Karsons room I was welcomed with a big good morning smile. For 4 hours I tried to get him to go back to sleep. I think around 4ish in the morning he went back to sleep and slept till 10am. Which put our scheduled day off.

Long story short about Kaden's friend. She is kept by our neighbor next store but also goes to church with us. Carmen and Kaden have grown up together. Well my neighbor had to be rushed to the hospital on Tuesday and is still there. I do not know all the details I am planning on checking on them tomorrow to see if they need anything. She has some sort of infection and is stable but will need some recovery time.
Yesterday was easy Carmen went to school with Kaden and I just picked them up. Today was different. I had to get them out of the house and a place to let all there energy out. I had two free passes to Kidstation. I thought perfect time because Kaden does not like to go alone. So while Karson took his nap (Tim stayed with him). I took the rowdy full of energy 4 year olds. The place was empty. We had it to ourselves. I thought since I did not have Karson to lug around I would try to get Kaden to climb the tunnels and slide down the slides if I would go with him. Kaden is my cautious child everything is on his own time you cannot force him. He agreed if I went first I started climbing. I heard Kaden behind me and then each time I turned around Kaden was not there. I was stuck and the only way down were the slides.
After Kidstation we went home and had snacks and quiet time. I put on a show for them to start dinner. They both asked for a pillow and blankie. After about 15 minutes I checked on them and they had both fallen asleep.
Karson was up from his nap and ready to help. He loves to help me unload the dishwasher. He also has a new love for dressing up - boy styles of course no dresses and beads around here.
His favorites are ball caps, sunglasses, and masks. He brings it all to me to put it on and walks away as happy as a 15 month old could be. He found Carmens backpack today and brought it to me. He walked all around with it on even though it was almost as big as he is.

Karson turned 15 months old today. He is in a curious stage you can just see him soaking in the world like a sponge. He points to everything as to say tell me what that is. He also points to say I want that. He will try and try to do something till he figures it out. He loves for someone to chase after him I am usually willing to because I get rewarded with a baby belly laugh.

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