Monday, March 16, 2009

I give up.

Kaden is going through a new phase. He wants to change his cloths all the time he tries on many outfits and many layers or not enough for the weather. I always make him change if it is inappropriate for the weather. I am honestly trying to encourage this imagination thing but the mess is really getting to me. When he is changing his cloths up to 10 times a day he is just throwing it all over his room.


We have tried to make a rule that it is ok to change as long as you put the old outfit back in the drawer. I also have the OCD thing where I like all the cloths folded when they are in the drawer that I am folding all this stuff at the end of the day. I also have a laundry problem that if I am unsure if it is clean or dirty I just wash it. I have decided to let him use his imagination but the rule is that he has to help me clean it up before bed and I am giving up the folding thing for right now as long as the cloths are put away.

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