Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pink Is For Girls.

Everytime I walk through those double automatic doors the Target One Dollar Aisle calls my name. A few days ago I was letting the boys try on some bunny ears when a helpful Target employee walked up and told me how cute my kids were and then grabbed some pink ears and put them on Karson and said "We should take off those white ones because little girls need pink". She quickly walked away and Kaden and I looked at each other with a puzzled look and started laughing.

Kaden was mistaken as a girl from birth and I would nicely correct people and they would always reply with "it's because he is too pretty to be a boy". With Karson this has just started and I get the same reply. I am thinking it is the curls and blue eyes. I refuse to cut the curls and I am planning on keeping his hair styled longer so I guess I should get used to it and continue to laugh it off.

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