Thursday, March 5, 2009


LOST deserves a whole post today. I have been thinking since I watched it last I want to blog about it. Like my sister-in-law Lori posted it was AWESOME.
The last few weeks I have had a few answers and then more questions with each episode. But last night was one of the best episodes I would say top 3 so far.
My thoughts on Lost.
I am so glad the time jumps are over they were starting to hurt my head.
I thought the sonic fences would make your head explode how did they live?
I never would have thought that Sawyer and Juliet would be together and then to top it off Kate and Jack return. I have always wanted Kate and Jack together for good. So I am excited to see what will unfold even though I think Juliet will get her heart broken.
My biggest question right now is WHERE IS LITTLE AARON? When are they going to explain that?

So now I have to wait two whole weeks 14 days to get some answers.


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Lori said...


My favorite episode is the one when Charlie had the list of the best moments in his life. The episode last night was just as good. I loved it. To see Sawyer make a life there on the island and he seemed so happy and at peace.

Here's my theory on Aaron. Remember how both Kate and Hurley did not want to go back to the island at all. Yet they both change their minds. I think Charlie and/ or Claire came to "visit" them and talked them into going. I think/ hope Aaron is with his grandmother- Claire's mom. I am sure they will give us an episode to explain it.