Thursday, March 12, 2009


Karson is doing so much and growing up so fast.

He loves to put on hats, masks, and sunglasses.

He is a good climber.

He is not happy with the average baby sippy cup. He wants his brothers and if it is in his reach he will take it and run.

Kaden is a big music fan. His favorite music right now is the Jonas Brothers but he also loves Toby Mac and Hillsongs Kids. He is my little Rocker Cool Guy. It is hard to get pictures and video of Kaden because most of the time he says no or gets shy when the camera comes out. He did let me video his rock star Bonus Jonas (this is what Kaden calls himself) concert . I will let him take the blog out. Make sure to watch till the end when Kaden breaks it down and Karsee shows you his dancing skills. Hope you enjoy.

Kaden Bonus Jonas from Tim Gabbard on Vimeo.


Tim Gabbard said...

Love the blog!

Holly Young said...

That is adorable! I guess he is following in his parents footsteps. Sounds like he is going to be a singer. Your boys are so cute!

Grannie said...


kappy said...

Amy, he is a scream!! Glad you're not being assaulted with the Wiggles anymore! Tell Bonus Jonus "nice job" for me!