Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Lone Shoe

Yesterday during my day full of errands. I found a pair of brown Crocs for Karson for 2.00. They actually fit and he would not let Kaden or myself take them off. I am over this kind of shoe and not a big fan but Karson hates shoes and socks and takes everything of his feet right after I put it on. I bought them and he wore them all day well most of it.

After going to the hospital to see my friend Maria and her new baby and then to Walgreens to to try to find a hard to find humidifier filter replacement because as tired as the boys and myself were Walmart was out of the question. We got home and I noticed Karson was only wearing one.
I was so mad at myself because I knew it had fallen off or been kicked off at the hospital somewhere.
The sad thing is I have been losing alot of stuff lately my list is getting longer and longer cell phone, keys, jackets. The jacket did not even last a week. I found the cutest jacket for Karson and then it just disappeared. At least I got a picture of him in it before it disappeared.

Why am I loosing everything? I am trying to figure it out. I want to blame it on having my hands full with the kids but I feel that is only a excuse.
Thankfully Tim drove around the hospital parking lot on his way home and found it. It had fallen in the parking lot. I think I ran over it but it held up well and can be used again.

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