Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I took Kaden To Kohls the other day. Kaden is very hard to please in the clothing department right now. Because the only shoes he will wear right now are his converse I am planning his Easter outfit around them. Kaden is very opinionated and comes up with some good excuses of why he cannot wear what I pick out for him my personal favorite is that is for babies.
I was thinking the other day that he is to young for these wardrobe baddles when I was reminded of myself at his age. My Nanny tells a story often of when she took me shopping at the age of 3 or 4 that when I was approached by a store employee and told her the exact color and size of dress I was looking for and how I would throw a sobbing fit if I had to wear jeans instead of a dress And then it hit me I REPRODUCED MYSELF. not only does Kaden look exactly like me as a child my kindergarten picture looks identical to Kaden except with a really bad hair cut but acts like me in many ways. I see alot of myself in him. That is probably why we go head to head alot as well.

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