Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garage Sale and Cuteness

I advertised a huge sale this weekend in the paper. Yesterday when we opened up at 7am and no one came for about an hour I thought wow what a waste of time. Then once school started we did not really have a time when no one was there. As soon as we opened this morning it was sprinkling but I had checked the weather on Wednesday and it was suppose to be in the 80's and beautiful. Well things changed and the weather just went down hill till I was drying everything off and getting not very good offers on the big stuff because it was wet.

We moved everything into the garage and then I finally remembered to take a picture for the blog. So this was my little sale today. I guess it was actually a garage sale today.

I finally packed everything up about 11am after cleaning and organizing the garage and storage building and only having a few customers.

The boys had fun playing outside yesterday.

After I finished getting everything ready for the sale on Thursday night I noticed the boys were extra tired from MDO. I think they made them run laps or something because I have not seen them this tired in a while. JK about the laps.
Karson sat in the chair drifting off to lala land with each picture I took the more sleepy he looked.

I do not think it took the boys 5 min before eyes were closed for the night on Thursday.


Sreedhar Jeshurun said...

Children are the Blessings of God!

Lori said...


I am totally being nosy. Did you get new furniture? If so did you change up your living room?

Amy Gabbard said...

We did get some new stuff back in January and did some painting and replacing of window treatments and decorations. We needed to make more kid freindly.

Grannie said...

Boys are so cute! Growing up so quicky. Happy Birthday Eve.