Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Find - Avent

I love Avent products. I have brand loyalty to this company. When Kaden was a few weeks old and very colicy I was told about this brand of bottles and cups and bought a few within days his colic was gone and he was a much happier baby. With Karson I had the bottles ready and bought a few Avent accessories. Karson preferred another form of feeding so I never used the bottles and passed them along to friends when Karson moved on to cup.

I love these cups they are pretty much spill proof unless the sippy part wears out. It is the only one out of dozens I have found that fullfills the no-spill promise. The disign is great and easy for your child to hold onto and it comes in two great sizes.

I love Avents design how the bottle and cup tops can interchange for the training process from bottle to cup.

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