Monday, April 27, 2009

Long Lines and Free Food

Last night while checking the news website I saw that KFC was giving away a free piece of chicken to each customer. They have a new grilled chicken recipe. KFC will continue to serve the free chicken until tonight.

I ran a few errands with the boys this morning and then we headed to KFC for lunch. The drive thru was wrapped around the building but the parking lot did not look bad. When we opened the door the line was backed up to the door. I was determined to stay in line because I did not think the boys were up to getting back into the car and they were a little grumpy and hungry.

It did not seem like we waited long and got through the line pretty fast.


- I am happy KFC did this. There were many people there that had a break and a nice lunch with this economy.

- The new recipe is pretty good its baked. I liked it and Karson did too. Kaden had something off the Taco Bell menu.

- Lunch was cheap and easy.

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