Monday, April 13, 2009

Goodie Bags or I guess cups.

I hate the pressure I feel when I sign up to do something like this. Tomorrow is Kaden's Easter party at school. A few weeks ago I was feeling adventurous and sighned up to do goodie bags for his class of 15. I like to be creative and want to do something that gets some oohs and aahs but never do.

I just settled and bought these cups and some cute spring stuff from Dollar Tree. It starts to add up. With all the allergies like wheat, diary, and peanuts its hard to find snacks so I went with Candy.

Maybe next time I can do something better and Martha Stuart like but for this week I went with easy.

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Holly Young said...

Cute idea! I think it is always hard to find something cute and inexpensive for school events. You did a good job though!