Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Trip

We had a good visit. We are happy to be home.

On Tuesday night we had dinner with my Mom.

Spaghetti Face
Karson and Memaw
Kaden and Uncle Nathan
Let me just say I think Grandparents let the rules go. The boys are getting to play with my Dads collector Hotwheels that I was not allowed to play with growing up but got in trouble when I got caught. It is different with Grandchildren. The boys enjoyed going Pampas house.
When Kaden was born he was my Dads first grandchild. He really wanted to be called Pepaw but Kaden came up with Pampa and I think my Dad likes it better. He gets on the floor and lets them tackle him.
This is what I call the ugly chair. I think it dates back to the early 70's and is prob a antique. I grew up with it and it is quiet comfortable but very ugly. My boys love to sit in it. Deedee makes my Dad cover it with a blanket because she cannot get him to get rid of it. I think he would like to pass it down to one of his children one day. So Kat be ready to welcome it in your home. JK
Karson crawled up and let my Dad rock him for a while. He really enjoyed his time with his grandsons.
Kaden and Kevin had a sleep over.
Uncle Thomas is that Uncle that takes your nose and throws it away or tickles you till you have to go to the bathroom. He had a day off when I was there. Kevin was trying to save Kaden. He really does love his nephews and I can tell wants some little guys himself. Thomas even loaded up his car and between us we took 5 boys to Mcdonalds. The weather was so bad that day.
I think Kevin was tired of me taking pictures.
Thomas was protecting Karson from getting hit with the ball and making sure he got a ball back after he threw it.
Karson loved the play area that was just is size he wants to do exactly what the big boys do.
On Friday we met Grannie and Papa for dinner at Cracker Barrow is what Kaden calls it.
We enjoyed it and ate some great food.
After dinner the boys enjoyed the big country porch the weather had finally cleared for the day.
It is always nice to visit Dallas and see everyone but it is nice to be home. Now its time to recover. Time to do some laundry.

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Katherine Elam said...

Funny about the big, ugly, orange chair. It is comfortable though. Those pictures of Thomas with the boys are so sweet. I think Thomas is becoming much more receptive toward kids.