Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Break

I took another spring break this week. Karson is on the mend his cold is almost gone and I can tell his ears are not bothering him much anymore.

He is wanting his paci for comfort and does not have his energy back yet. He goes to his bed and moves things around till he can reach a paci and then comes in and after all that work I take it away. When I got him out of bed this morning he had one in his mouth and one in his hand for back up and mean Mommy took it away because he is only allowed to have them at bedtime. He also slept in this morning I had to wake him up to get him ready for MDO and he took a nap there and then came home and was ready for another nap.

I have been doing alot of spring cleaning and organizing this week to get ready for a garage sale. Kaden has had his eyes on me and is learning that two times a year Mommy cleans out the old and unused. He went outside and looked around at everything ready to sell and said " owe I remember that but I understand I do not use it anymore". He has a few things to sell and gets to keep the funds so he is excited to get to go shopping .

Going to bed I will have an early morning and busy weekend with the sale.

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