Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunt

This morning was awesome our bottom floor was full and I looked up and the balcony as well.

Over a thousand people in attendance.

30'000 eggs.

Over 90 people gave their hearts to the lord.

All the dots in the grass are eggs.

The helicopter drop.
Karson's first egg hunt.

Kaden was mad he could not find any red eggs I told him to start hunting or he would go home with an empty basket. He filled up his basket in minutes after that.

Karson sat so well in the grass with us and ate his hot dog.

Kaden loved the Easter bunny he gave him fives and hugs. I tried to get both boys but Karson was too excited about the bunny coming to say hi he would not sit still. Kaden has come out of his shell even more lately he played and played in all the jump houses and said hi to all his friends. He was really excited to see his teacher and her family there too.

Picture of the day. I cannot take credit for it. A student took this that was helping in the jump house. She offered and I love it.

Helicopter Drop


Grannie said...

FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for the pictures and updates...TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! He LIVES..

Holly Young said...

90 people saved!! That is AWESOME!! All the hard work definately paid off! I am so proud of you guys!!