Monday, April 20, 2009

4 weeks give or take a couple of days.

As I posted yesterday Karson has been showing signs of another ear infection and thanks to the ear check scanner I got Karson into the doctor today. He has a cold and a double ear infection. Last Saturday was the 4 week mark since his last one.

Kaden had many ear infection and had to have tubes but he did not have his infections back to back this early.

Today our doctor and made a plan if these back to back infections continue and I am happy with it.

I have found and had 2 doctors tell me the same thing that the surgery for tubes needs to be late summer or early fall or winter.

We will be waiting to see once Karson gets all his teeth and he is almost there and the pollen that is thick and bad here goes and then if Karson continues to have ear infections we will be referred for tubes.

I agree and am happy with this plan. I know it sounds like I am pushing for tubes. Kaden has not had any more problems with his ears once he had the surgery. It is hard to see Karson sick like this so much.

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Holly Young said...

I totally understand your position. Preston has done great since the tubes and it is hard to see your child sick all the time. I will pray for Karson. I know he will be fine.