Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Great Birthday

I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday my guys made it a very special day for me.

I woke up to Kaden sitting next to me in bed singing Happy Birthday. Kaden then told me to close my eyes and lead me down the hall and to the kitchen where I was surprised with a Birthday chair and decorations.

My Birthday chair.

I got Kaden to school and then came home to a delivery of Birthday flowers from my Dad. My diningroom smells like spring.

Karson and I headed to the mall. I did some Birthday shopping for the rest of the morning till Karson started twirling around in the stroller with the seat belt on and doing back breakers. I knew it was time to go.
After I picked up Kaden from school the boys and I went to the Butcher Shop. They have the best desserts. We all got our favorites. Kaden picked a Speedracer cupcake and we requested the cupcake with Speedracer on it but when we got to the car it was the wrong one which triggered a after school + tired = meltdown. It fizzled out pretty fast. I was not willing to go back in as it is work getting everyone back into the car and buckled and it was raining.
We went to Shogun for an awesome dinner. I have to say that Shogun is really kid freindly. Our cook/chef was very nice and saw how fast Kaden ate his broccolli and went back to the kitchen and got some more and cooked it for him. Kaden also got to throw the egg for the fried rice.
As Tim would say "I threw down or killed some steak, fried rice and veggies". It was a very nice dinner and will be enjoyed tonight as well. The portions are huge.
My guys!

I loved the cute drink. No it is not from the bar but it was cute.
Kaden loves cherries.

I thought this was funny. I think he thought I had given him milk instead of juice.

It was a wonderful Birthday. Thank you everyone for all of the nice messages and comments. It was truly a special day.

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