Saturday, April 11, 2009

T was the night before Easter...

T was the night before Easter.

And all through our house.

Tim is editing a video and Karsee was stirring and didn't sound like a mouse.

It was the third time I put him to bed for the night and he finally went to bed after he put up a good fight.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear was Karsee asleep on his deer.

(Not really it was his dog it just sounded better to say deer.)

Pulling at his ears, runny nose, and not sleeping. I pray it's another tooth not another ear thingy.

There Easter outfits need to be ironed and baskets are all filled. There are nursery things to be finished and dishes to do.

I heard Kaden in bed more awake than asleep. I thought he will be grumpy and tired tomorrow if he doesn't go to sleep.

Making up his own words to twinkle twinkle little star it was cute and finally he drifted to sleep.

I've got nothing else and it's time to get ready to go to a hopefully coughless sleep.

Have a happy Easter tomorrow and get some sleep.

I know this was cheesy maybe I am just delirious from today.

Sometimes Saturday nights especially before big Sunday's do not all go as scheduled or planned. I just thought I would share.
I told Kaden earlier that when he woke up tomorrow his basket would be full with some surprises. He then asked me who fills it and I told him Mommy and Daddy had some surprises to fill it up and he would find it as soon as he woke up.
He then asked if the Easter Bunny fills it up. I told him that Mommy and Daddy got him some surprises. He will tell you he likes the Easter Bunny but he knows it's someone in a costume.
He then looked at me with his thinking serious face and said "Well if that bunny decides to come over here I do not want him to come in our house. I will leave my basket outside if he wants to fill it up".

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